Get Your Executive Breakthrough in 30 Days

Imagine - Improve - Inspire - Ignite... Make Your Breakthrough Happen

Picture This... And Decide

  • You can define new Strategy and a blueprint for new achievements in 30 Days
  • The process is practical, precise and systematic and involves just 5 Key Steps
  • You can choose from 3 Self-Paced Programs and be coached by a Strategist
  • The price is 1/10th of the established Professional Fee for private sessions

Are You...

  • Wondering about What to do Next in your Career and make a Bigger Impact?
  • Seeking How to share your Ideas and Influence larger and diverse Audiences?
  • Concerned about the many Pressures and Challenges you face daily? 
  • Willing to invest 30 Days to be more Focused?

Why a 30-Day Challenge?

  • Time to Think is a luxury: Profit from it now
  • Focused, Creative Thinking is the key to Growth
  • Engage in Strategic Introspection: Think Ahead 
  • Get the 5-Step Program to accelerate results 
  • You are guided by Carlos Salum, Leadership Strategist, with proven results for 3 decades

How You Can Get To Breakthrough

  1. Focus on your Aspirations: Think Beyond
  2. Understand what Values drive you to succeed
  3. Align your Vision, Goals and Objectives
  4. Define a clear Blueprint for Breakthrough
  5. Design your Personal Achievement System
  6. Get Assistance from a Strategist with Results

What Outcomes You Can Expect

  • Strategic Clarity, New Ideas and Opportunities
  • Alternatives, Options, Innovative Approaches
  • Tactical Leaps for Career or Business Reinvention
  • A variety of New Revenue Streams to pursue
  • Strategic spin-offs that can multiply your gains
  • Full Understanding of Your Purpose and Direction

Your 30 Days to Breakthrough: 3 Programs & 5 Steps for Exponential Results 


Program 1: Breakthrough LEADERSHIP

Design Your Breakthrough: Lead with Vision and Values

  1. Define What You Want to Achieve and Why
  2. Evaluate the Impact of Your Achievement
  3. Align Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives
  4. Design Your Breakthrough Blueprint
  5. Plan the Steps for Leadership and Execution

PROGRAM FEE (Pay with PayPal): USD 499.- 

Program 2: Breakthrough INFLUENCE

Find Your Voice: Influence with Your Powerful Ideas

  1. Clarify the Essence of Your Core Idea (Your Voice)
  2. Define what Values you Manifest in your Message
  3. Understand the Values of your Audience(s)
  4. Learn Powerful Approaches to Influence Others
  5. Design the Platform to Spread Your Message 

PROGRAM FEE (Pay with PayPal): USD 399.-

Program 3: Breakthrough RESILIENCE

Become Mentally Tough: Recover, Adapt and Achieve

  1. Define your Ideal Performance State and live in it
  2. Understand your Performance Roadblocks
  3. Adopt a Mental Toughness Training Plan
  4. Develop Peak Performance Rituals and Habits
  5. Monitor your Lifetime Progress and Achievements

PROGRAM FEE (Pay with PayPal): USD 399.- 

Choose Your Programs and pay with PayPal:


Combine Programs and Save: 

  • Carlos Salum has 3 decades of solid results in Leadership Peak Performance
  • You follow a specific, systematic 5-Step Program - proven effective and tailored to your personal Breakthrough needs
  • You are using effective Strategic Tools that focus on your Values and Thinking Preferences
Choose Your Programs (Drop-down Menu):


  • Self-paced: You Complete the Program in 5 Steps
  • Weekly Written Tasks x 4 weeks (30 Days)
  • Selected Videos and Reading Resources
  • Real-life Exploratory Challenges
  • Downloadable Assignments & Worksheets
  • Weekly E-mail tracking and support
  • One 60-minute Skype/FaceTime consultation
  • Required Tools: AssetReport (Additional USD 95.-) and Workbook
  • Optional: 15 Days Follow-up (USD 125.-)