Living Your Highest Goal

What is Your Highest Goal?  Why does it matter? Who benefits from it besides you?  

Here's a valuable exercise for you to find out.  Here's what to do...

  1. Read the excerpt of "The Highest Goal" by Michael Ray (Stanford University) [Read]
  2. Go through the exercise suggested in "The Highest Goal" article and then answer these Questions:

On Your Worldview:

  • What is the question that defines who I am?  
  • What is my motivation to do what I do and for whom?  
  • In which ways do I create a path for others to grow and prosper?

On Your Purpose:

  • How am I indispensable to the world?  
  • How does my life story end and how will others say I've contributed?  
  • What's the phrase I want everyone to hear and share?

On Your Vision:

  • Whom do I inspire and why?  
  • What do I want them to do with me and why?  
  • What is my rallying cry?  
  • Who's following, who doesn't and why?  
  • What's enough and why?

On Your Impact:

  • How do I know that what I do matters to others?  
  • What specific feedback keeps me on-track and on-mission?  
  • What do I need to do more of - and less of?  
  • In which ways can I magnify my contributions?  
  • If my "doing" ever stops, what would remain?

Find more inspiration by reading "The Tao of Richard Saul Wurman" [Read]  - Richard Saul Wurman is the founder of the legendary TED, TEDMED and WWW Conferences, and an example of someone living The Highest Goal.  

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To understand how you can align the answers to these Questions into a Leadership Performance Strategy, or a way to design your Legacy, or to facilitate a Career Transition, contact Carlos Salum. 

Theaters of Purpose - Interview for "On Life and Meaning" Podcast

On Life & Meaning hosts conversations with interesting people about their lives and work.  The show explores human brilliance: our talents, endeavors, motivations and higher purposes.  Mark Peres hosts the podcast series. 

Guests include artists, writers, philosophers, civic leaders, consultants, executives, entrepreneurs, innovators and creators.    The mission of the podcast is to inspire a more insightful and humane world.

"On Life and Meaning" Web Page

The Tao of Richard Saul Wurman

Richard Saul Wurman is the founder of the legendary TED Conferences, TED MED, WWW, 555 and The Urban Observatory.

The first time I saw his face was in a June 1997 interview in Fortune Magazine which crowned him “The King of Access.” He was photographed in his Newport mansion’s white living room, reading with his feet up beside a wall-to-wall collection of erotic Mexican ceramics. He looked shamelessly self-indulgent in his throne, fittingly designed by Mies van der Rohe. I remember thinking: How do you get to live like that?

I just knew that one day I would meet the man. The universe gave me the chance in 2004, when a corporate client gave me carte blanche to organize the most creative VIP's event I could come up with, which I hosted at a private island in Venice, Italy (owned at the time by Dr. Edward de Bono, father of the concept of Lateral Thinking). I called Richard and he agreed to come, no speaking fee. It was a great success and the event paid for itself with just one deal.

Over the years, I stayed in touch and in 2009 I decided to visit him at his Newport, RI, mansion, where I recorded a 3-hour conversation on video. Finally, I fulfilled my dream of learning from the master about how to lead through ideas and how to engage my multiple interests to design a resonance platform.

After that visit, TheSircle Executive Club was born, allowing me to access what I enjoy the most: to discover wisdom in high achievers' powerful stories.

In April 2010, I hosted Wurman in Charlotte, NC, at The Ritz Carlton for interactive conversations on his life, curiosity, understanding and "intellectual hedonism." I documented the presentations as well, which captured quite a few gems.

Since then, I’ve taken the time to piece together concepts that presumably explain his worldview. I've synthesized his thinking into three core concepts that I call "The Tao of Wurman" - which I then unpack into 10 principles for action. 

Tao means "the path" or "the way," and Richard's way are encapsulated in these concepts:

  1. Design your life to express your most essential desire.
  2. Provocative conversations promote the convergence of great ideas.
  3. Change starts from the individual rather than the collective

To share Richards' wisdom, I've created a Web Project that you can access for free here: "The Tao of Richard Saul Wurman: Understanding leads to Meaningful Action"

Read, watch the exclusive videos, use the questions and share the link...

TV Interview on WTVI PBS Charlotte

I was interviewed by Dr. Maha Gingrich for her program "Charlotte: City of International Success" on "Leadership Performance Strategy."  The program's duration is 30 minutes.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to share my family's story of emigration and success in Latin America, how I arrived to the United States, my integration through international tennis projects and how ultimately I've been able to become a Leadership Performance Strategist for corporate leaders. 

How Leading Ourselves evolves into Leading Others

My contribution to the BodyHelix Blog: How Leading Ourselves evolves into Leading Others.  

"On a beautiful, sunny afternoon on September 8, 1990, Gabriela Sabatini won the U.S. Open Tennis Championships in New York, fulfilling her lifetime dream before an audience of millions.  From the players’ box, I watched her crush the match point and leap towards the sky pumping her clenched fist.  She had beaten Steffi Graf, her nemesis and the best player in the world.  However, just five months before, Gabriela had told me she wanted to quit tennis for good, despite her #3 world-ranking.  She was disheartened by a series of bad losses and felt no joy whatsoever." [More]