See More. Understand More. Get Extraordinary Results.


WHAT DO YOU GET when you blend a poet, a singer/songwriter, a professor, an international leadership consultant, a peak performance coach for world-class athletes and a playwright?


Learn to approach problems in the workplace using lateral thinking, a generative approach to solution design that involves expanding possibilities instead of reducing the possible to one “right” answer.

Why Lateral Thinking? This One-Day workshop explores a series of techniques for creative observation used by writers, visual artists, successful entrepreneurs and world-class athletes to refresh their focus, maintain their attention to detail, and see the world in creative ways.

Workshop conducted by Elise Anderson and Carlos Salum

  • Elise Anderson is a poet, teacher, university professor, writer, musician, visual artist and thinker.

  • Carlos Salum is an international leadership performance strategist, a peak performance and mental training coach for world-class athletes, a speaker and a produced playwright.





You will benefit from their combined expertise and perspectives from the corporate, entrepreneurial, innovation, professional sports, international, artistic and academic worlds that have generated Breakthrough Solutions and Results. Female/Male. Different Generations and National Origins. Diverse Viewpoints and Experiences. One core passion: To be Creative to obtain Extraordinary Results.

Workshop Outline (Summary):

  • Part 1: Intro to Creative Processes

    • On Creativity and Lateral Thinking

    • The Neuroscience of Creativity

    • Disconnect to Reconnect

  • Part 2: Getting Un-Stuck

    • How to Pay Deep Attention

    • Understanding Creative Journaling Methods

  • Part 3: Creative Journaling Methods

    • Application of Creative Thinking Exercises

    • Practical Business Applications

  • Part 4: Interactive Discussion

    • Your Evolution as a Breakthrough Solutions Designer

Methodology: They use a blend of lecture, interactive games, in-class writing exercises, group discussion, creative journaling, video, and visual imagery to teach an alternative approach to refresh your focus and attention to detail in ways that lead to more expansive awareness and more compelling communication styles.

Who Should Attend: Breakthrough-seeking executives and entrepreneurs; Individuals seeking a Career Change; Artists and Creative professionals, and anyone exploring effective ways to become a Better Thinker.

Your Take-Away Benefits:

  • A deep understanding of how to generate new ideas

  • A versatile approach to designing Breakthrough Solutions

  • An effective toolbox for expanding your visual intelligence

  • A pathway to enhance your creative thinking and innovation skills

  • A profound way to access new perspectives and discover new possibilities

  • A boost to your growth mindset to generate revenue-producing projects

“The quality of our thinking will determine the quality of our future” - Dr. Edward de Bono, creator of Lateral Thinking