We Connect the Worlds of Elite Sports and Tech

The SCSV is an international consultancy operating in the sports technology marketplace that connects an elite global network of professional and collegiate sports decision-makers with major technology companies, top-tier brands - as well as sports tech startup executives and venture capitalists. 

ThruTraffic Marketing and Salum International Resources collaborate in the expansion of the SCSV in the East Coast of the United States.


Key Features of the SCSV

  • It’s an international consultancy for sports organizations and tech start-ups focused on sports

  • It’s a link between the sports tech marketplace and the entrepreneurial ecosystem

  • It connects elite sports organizations worldwide with technology start-ups and major brands focused on sports, as well as venture capital and investors

  • Elite sports organizations include: professional and collegiate sports decision-makers from the NBA, NHL, NFL, MLS, European and Latin American soccer, tennis federations, rugby, volleyball, polo, and National Governing Bodies of Olympic sports and the NCAA


  • To maximize its clients’ potential for growth

  • To help sports organizations and brands understand the latest technology and their impact on their revenue-producing activities

  • To leverage the new technologies to address needs in four major areas:

    1. Athletic Performance

    2. Fan Engagement

    3. Stadium Operations

    4. Data Analytics and Predictive Forecasting in all three areas above

  • To organize sponsored events in prestigious U.S. and international locations to promote connectivity and business deals

  • To provide the latest, most relevant information about the development of sports technology and its adoption through newsletters and reports

SCSV Key Executives (East Coast)

Carlos Salum is the founder of Salum International Resources, Inc., a leadership performance strategy consultancy based in Charlotte, NC.  He advises leaders from multinational corporations on Peak Performance strategies.  Salum is the founder of TheSircle Executive Club and is the International Tennis Liaison and Latin America contact for the SCSV.  He’s a professional tennis coach who’s helped Grand Slam winners Gabriela Sabatini and Sergi Bruguera with leading sport scientists.  He coaches race car driver Pietro Fittipaldi, 2017 Formula Renault V8 3.5 World Champion, now Indy Car and Formula One test pilot.

Royce Wolfe is the Principal of Thru Traffic Marketing and a former senior marketing and sales executive at Wells Fargo, Bank of America, the Atlanta Centennial Olympic Games and the National Basketball Association. Thru Traffic Marketing is a marketing development, innovation, and strategy consultancy specializing in sponsorship revenue generation, ethical branding and business practice. Royce graduated with an MBA in marketing from New York University’s Stern School of Business and has a master’s degree with distinction in Ethics and Applied Philosophy from the University of North Carolina Charlotte.  Royce is the Sports Brands Adviser for the SCSV.


Mac Lackey is an entrepreneur who has built and sold five companies. Serving most recently as Founder/CEO of KYCK (acquired by NBC Sports), Mountain Khakis (acquired by Remington), InternetSoccer Network (acquired by News Corp SKY), and various other ventures. Currently Lackey is a co-founder and serves as Chairman of ISL Futbol and a Venture Partner of VentureSouth.vc, In addition to his role as an executive at SportsEngine (a division of NBC Sports).  Mac is the International Soccer Liaison for the SCSV.

SCSV Co-Founder (West Coast)

Julien Blin is the CEO of the SportsCouncil SV, a global organization that helps bring innovation (AR, VR, MR, wearables, eSports..) and cutting edge technology to leading sports organizations (NBA, NHL, MLS, NFL, Premier League, Ligue 1, F1, pro tennis..). Prior to that, he worked for Google where he helped launched flagship products such as Google Assistant, Google Home, etc. He also worked for Samsung where he helped shape the strategy and build contextual experiences as well as services such as Samsung Hub, an iTunes type service and Samsung WatchON, a video aggregation engine, two services currently available on the Samsung Galaxy S4. In 2014 he funded the Gizworld conferences, a leading wearable tech and IOT conference series, which gathered 2000 attendees and 180 speakers globally (Tel Aviv, Paris, Toronto, Los Angeles, Bay Area). Julien also worked as an industry analyst at IDC and has been quoted in leading publications such as the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Dow Jones, and BusinessWeek.

Client Benefits

SCSV clients that understand and embrace emerging technology will be better positioned to creatively to optimize ROI from on-field athlete performance, fan engagement and venues operations.  The SCSV and its experts focus of helping clients integrate technology into marketing programs, through innovative approaches such as:

  • increasing existing revenue streams and identify new ones

  • optimizing technology used at venues, as well as create meaningful fan engagement

  • generating greater brand loyalty through creative technology applications

  • expert consulting that improves athletic performance as well as preventing injury to maintain a winning team on the field

Benefits for Sports and Tech companies:

  • access to top professional teams, clubs and associations

  • promote your technology to top decision makers

  • build valuable relationships

  • keep track of current & future trends (debriefs, reports..)

  • discover emerging technologies and their novel applications

  • accelerate your business development efforts

Current Uses of Sports Technology

Sports technology is currently being used to reinvent and personalize fan engagement and sports involvement inside and outside of athletic venues. Moreover, it is being used to individualize the fan experience on mobile devices and provide content (e.g. sports videos), stats and other information that fans want in real-time.

The technologies are virtual reality, augmented reality, and various wearables and data analytics.

  • Virtual Reality is a computer-generated three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical by way of special electronic equipment such as a helmet, eyewear or gloves fitted with sensors.

  • Augmented Reality superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world to create a composite view of the real world.

  • Wearable Technology, also called wearables, is a category of technological devices that are worn, have small motion, skin, hydration and pressure sensors that connect to the Internet, enabling data to be exchanged between a network, mobile devices, laptops, tablets etc.

  • Data Analytics refers to qualitative and quantitative techniques and processes used to enhance productivity and/or business gain. Data is extracted and categorized to identify and analyze behavioral data and patterns, and techniques vary according to organizational requirements. Data analytics is a companion methodology for augmented and virtual reality and wearable technology.

Examples of Sports Tech Start-ups We Assist

  • Kenzen Wear: A smart patch that combines the depth of lab-based diagnostics with the convenience of real-time information from a wearable device to improve health and performance.

  • Kinematix: Provides personalized technical and coaching support to help athletes progress and extract more from each minute or mile they run. It improves overall fitness levels for more balanced and healthier running.

  • Compression Kinetics: Compression Kinetics, Inc. designs and develops medical devices. It creates compression sleeves that utilizes shape memory alloy to create a pressure wave. The device increases circulation throughout the human body, decreases peripheral edema, and prevents blood clots.

  • Kanoa: Has brought a new range of earphones which provide a seamless audio experience anywhere on the go. These earphones are completely wireless and can be controlled from any Bluetooth 3.0-4.0 device from a distance up to 33 ft.

  • RecoverX: The company’s Jolt Sensor streams live impact data to an app, allowing coaches to monitor trends, catch big hits in real time, record symptoms and diagnosis, and track recovery following an injury.

  • MyCoach: Makes executive coaching available to professionals across different levels in an sports and non-sports organization like business.

  • Skulpt: The Skulpt Chisel is a handheld body fat and muscle quality analyser that provides a far more accurate gauge of fat loss and muscle composition.

  • GumGum: An artificial intelligence company, with an expertise in computer vision. It makes clear the value of images in advertising & professional sports. The company’s mission is to illuminate the value of images and videos produced daily across the web, social media and broadcast television.

  • Virtually Live: Brings live sporting events and fans into the virtual world. It allows fans to be where they want to be, see what they want to see, and to share what they want to share. The company uses virtual reality technology to put fans into the heart of sporting action.

  • Vantrix 6K: The company creates software that enables content owners and service operators to optimize their media processing operations and give their customers the highest-quality media experiences on any device, at the lowest possible cost.

  • Radiant Images: Radiant Images is a digital cinema innovator and rental house providing creative solutions in 2D, 3D, virtual reality and augmented reality, leading-edge cameras and equipment to the motion picture industry worldwide.

  • Oculus: Is a technology company that specializes in virtual reality hardware and software products. It was purchased by Facebook in 2014 for cash and stock. A popular product of the company is Rift, a virtual reality headset designed for video gaming.

  • Google VR: A platform for high quality, mobile virtual reality made to take users on incredible simulated adventures.

  • Vree World: VRee is the developer of the VRee-platform, which makes it possible for multiple users to have a synchronized full body experience in virtual reality.

  • Digifood: Is a web and mobile platform allowing spectators to order and pay for food and beverages from the stands without leaving their seats to stand in lines at halftime.


VRee - Virtual Reality Game - Body Suit

Bluefox Offers Real-time Data Collection from Mobile Devices

Kitman Labs - Sports Data Analytics

LucidCam - pocket-sized 3D VR camera.

VKTRY - Smart insole

VR Tennis Simulation - BrickVR team 


Upcoming SCSV Events - Silicon Valley

Custom-designed Field Trips to Silicon Valley

Starting in Q1 2018, your Sports Organization, Team or Corporation will be able to gather in Silicon Valley for custom-designed Field Trips to fit your needs and strategic objectives.  The SCSV will match your requirements and organize meetings, panels, workshops and conferences with the participation of world-class consultants and Silicon Valley start-ups.  For more information, please Contact Us. 


Upcoming SCSV Events (East Coast)

NYC Event plaque.jpg

New York City, NY - August 28-29, 2017

"The Future of Tennis and Tech" is organized in collaboration with the Tennis Industry Association and took place at the InterContinental Barclay Hotel (ATP Official Hotel).  The event included an Innovation Challenge, Panels with Silicon Valley tech start-ups and experts, as well as interactive conversations.  

scsv clt sm.jpg

Charlotte, NC - Early 2018

The SCSV is organizing an event in Charlotte with the collaboration of business and education organizations to promote the impact of Sports Technology in Entrepreneurship, Investment and Social Development. Stay tuned for the announcement of Dates, Venues, Times and the Agenda.  

tom 2018.jpg

Charleston, SC - April 8-11, 2018

The 5th Tennis Owners and Managers Conference (TOM) will take place at the Wild Dunes Resort in Isle of Palms, SC, next to Charleston next April.  The SCSV will collaborate in the organization of the Sports Technology components of the Conference.