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About TheSircle Workshops 

TheSircle Workshops are organized to offer participants in TheSircle Executive Club events an opportunity to share Stories, Ideas and deepen their Relationships.  The topics are centered on aspects of Leadership and the workshops' design includes interactive conversations, personality profiles, questionnaires, games, creative activities and in-depth analysis of the topics.  

The dates and locations of TheSircle Workshops are announced by personal e-mail and participants can suggest and invite guests.


Topics of Past Workshops

  • Reinvent Yourself to Lead: Design New Career Perspectives and New Ways to Market Yourself
  • The Women Leaders Sircle 1: Be a Resonant Leader
  • The Women Leaders Sircle 2: Build Your Resonance Platform 
  • Yes. More. Depth. Now - with John W. Love, Jr. 
  • Transformation - with John W. Love, Jr.
  • Power in Hand - with John W. Love, Jr. 

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