Lead with a Strategy that inspires Greatness 


I help you design your Leadership Performance Strategy, which allows you to operate in your Ideal Performance State and achieve outstanding results.  


Define your compelling Vision.  Create a Success path for others to follow.

  • I'm your Thinking Partner - your Catalyst for Breakthrough. I guide you through the process I call "Performance Architecture", which allows you to design a Strategy to lead in your Ideal Performance State (focused, creative, versatile, fully engaged).

  • I can also help you engage your team in the Peak Performance mindset to create enduring value (through better communication, cooperation, creativity and commitment) and deliver Breakthrough results.

  • Your Leadership Performance Strategy is your blueprint to obtain meaningful achievements while creating a powerful legacy.


Key Concepts


Peak Performance is the ability to consistently access your Ideal Performance State to design solutions and lead effectively. It’s a learned response to life's challenges and it can be trained like other fundamental skills.

"A Peak Performer is a flexible, versatile, creative and situational Thinker who gets results"

Performance Architecture is a process to design your strategy for achieving Peak Performance, focused on aligning your knowledge, skills, attitudes and habits to operate in your Ideal Performance State, fully engaged when under pressure. Your Leadership Performance Strategy helps you go beyond perceived limitations (beyond personal best) and reach specific goals. The model is based on training principles used by successful world-class athletes and teams applied to achieving Peak Performance in business. 

Breakthrough is a thinking framework centered on understanding how to overcome risk and limitations to fulfill growth objectives.  Breakthrough is the choice to intentionally go beyond a set point to realize possibilities, to accelerate the realization of goals.

"The power of visionary leadership comes from knowing that you already are what you want. The task you are now involved in is to develop your strategy for dealing with your arrival and to help others understand and act on your reality."

- Dudley Lynch and Paul Kordis, authors of "The Strategy of the Dolphin"

I envision; therefore, I expect. 


I’m a Strategic Thinker with a strong creative and idealistic streak.  

  • I believe that the quality of our life depends on the quality of our thinking.

  • I’m fascinated by the future. I’m able to see the consequences of new approaches, change and ideas in the real world.

  • I see my work as a blend of business, art and sciences through which I can help clients broaden and deepen their worldview and perspectives.

  • Working with peak performers has taught me that true achievement means discovering our identity, expressing our uniqueness, creating value and leaving a path for others to follow.

My guiding principle is:

"The glass is neither half-full nor half-empty... it's full-and-a-half"

TV Interview with WTVI PBS Charlotte, NC

Career Highlights

Founded Salum International Resources, Inc. in 1993.

  • Leadership Performance Strategist. External Consultant to global organizations with headquarters in four continents with billions of dollars in revenues

  • Leadership Legacy Advisor to High Net Worth Individuals transitioning life and career stages

  • Keynote Speaker at numerous international events on the topics of Peak Performance and Breakthrough Thinking, notably The Nobels Colloquia 2011 in Venice, Italy, alongside Nobel Laureates in Economics, top Professors in Economics and Management Consultants

  • Member of the Executive Team at N3XT Sports, International Sports Technology and Innovation consultancy

  • Project collaborator with leAD Sports Accelerator and ADifo - Adi Dassler Family Office (Berlin, Nassau)

Founded the SIR Conferences in 2008 and TheSircle Executive Club in 2011

  • Producer of the International Sircle in Italy and Switzerland, starting in 2012

  • Producer of the Richard Saul Wurman Events in Charlotte, NC in 2010

  • Producer of the Interact Live, ReNEW and True2Self Talk Series (2009 - 2010)

Executive experience in sports marketing, event management and software development companies with extensive international assignments in Europe

  • Participated in ground-breaking research in peak performance training with some of the world's leading sport science experts, such as Dr. Jim Loehr, Dr. Nick Hall, Dr. Jack Groppel and Pat Etcheberry, a process that involved some of the world's top athletes and was applied to the business arena

  • Contributed to the careers of outstanding tennis players such as Gabriela Sabatini (U.S. Open champion, 1990) and Sergi Bruguera (French Open champion, 1993-94) as well as collaborating in the training of the Argentine and Italian Davis Cup Teams, among many others

  • Coached international race car driver Pietro Fittipaldi in Mental Training in preparation for his conquest of the World Championship in Formula Renault V8 3.5 in Bahrain, UAE in November 2017. Coached Pietro through Indy Car, Japan Super Formula, FIA WEC in 2018. Currently assisting him in his roles as 2019 Formula 1 Team Haas test/reserve driver as racing in DTM with Team WRT (Belgium).

  • Coached Enzo Fittipaldi (Ferrari Development Academy) to his 2018 Formula 4 Italian Championship and #3 in the German Championship - both with Team Prema. Currently coaching Enzo in the Formula 3 2019 Italian Regional Championship.

  • Successfully assisted Olympic and professional team sports’ coaches in the Mental Training area.

  • Studied Creative Thinking with Dr. Edward de Bono, Marketing with Philip Kotler and Breakthrough Thinking with Dudley Lynch

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  American Citizen since 1999.  Working bases in Charlotte, Zurich and Buenos Aires

  • Studied Literature and Medicine at the National University of Buenos Aires

  • Writer, radio and television commentator and producer

  • Produced playwright (London, Tampa, and Buenos Aires)

  • Documentary film producer (International production - Argentina/USA)

  • Professional Tennis Coach - Professional Tennis Registry Certification MAP 5

  • Fluent in English, Spanish and French. Conversant in Italian. Basic German


Strategic Partnerships

  • Tennis Industry Association - USA

  • leAD Sports Accelerator - Germany

  • N3XT Sports - USA/Spain

  • Brain Technologies Corporation - USA

  • Sullivan Performance Systems - USA

  • Manres AG - Switzerland

  • Zurich Applied Sciences University - Switzerland

  • Limbic Personality GmbH - Switzerland

  • Promostudio International Consultants - Italy

  • De Bono International Resources - UK

  • ISTAO - Istituto Adriano Olivetti - Italy



Peak Moments in Time: World-Class Masters, Generous Mentors, Deep Friendships and Great Collaborators who have facilitated contributions to the lives of Exceptional Clients and their achievement of Extraordinary Results. 


"Your basic, affable Renaissance man..."

with gabriela sabatini - u.s. open champion 1990 and international tennis hall of fame inductee

with gabriela sabatini - u.s. open champion 1990 and international tennis hall of fame inductee

“He has drawn the appreciation of international tennis stars such as Gabriela Sabatini, (…) and Sergi Bruguera (…).  He has traveled the world, speaks four languages and looks younger (…), thanks to his athletic trim and his strongly chiseled Latin features.  He owns two companies and a watertight backhand slice.
Do we speak of a secret agent? A globetrotting playboy? A dating service's catch of the week?
Nah, Carlos Salum is just your basic, affable renaissance man (…)
Salum doesn't hesitate to say that the gratification he gets when he hits a backhand crosscourt winner, watches a student's eyes light up when explains the secrets of mental toughness, or sees his words brought to life on stage by actors is "all the same."
"I've always wanted to deliver a message. And the way that I seem to be very comfortable doing that is using a theoretical background. So I learn as much as I can, and then I go and apply."

Excerpted from "Star of stage and tennis court" - Series: Time Out; [State Edition] by Michael Canning. St. Petersburg Times. St. Petersburg, FL.: Aug 15, 1997. pg. 1.T