"You are a gracious, honest, diligent, thoughtful, compassionate man and it's an honor to know you."

 - Richard Saul Wurman, Founder of the TED, TEDMED, eg and WWW Conferences, author of 90 books


"Carlos is a passionate, remarkably innovative thought leader. 

I have known Carlos for more than 20 years and his contributions are extraordinary. He brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to his performance stage. Carlos never stops learning." 

- Dr. James Loehr, co-Founder, Human Performance Institute, Lake Nona, Orlando, FL, USA


“Carlos is a very effective consultant

who has delivered great business results in the many projects that we have worked on together in ABN AMRO. He is an extremely likable person with a very interesting background in the professional sports coaching/management arena. It's amazing to see how he has leveraged learning from this field in business coaching." 

- Hans Peter Borgh, Head of Wealth and Investment Management, Member of the Management Board of Banque Internationale à Luxembourg SA.

"A great friend, who always had confidence in me. Simply, thank you for your support and honesty."

- Gabriela Sabatini - 1990 U.S. Open Tennis Champion - International Tennis Hall of Fame 

"It has been a great privilege for me to be mentored and coached by Carlos in preparation for my championship title fight. His guidance pushed me to the next mental level that gave me the edge to win the World Series 3.5 championship. Thank you Carlos for the mentorship and guidance. We won this championship together!"

- Pietro Fittipaldi - International Race Car Driver - 2017 World Champion Formula Renault V8 3.5 Series

“Carlos is a true all-rounder.

A real "Renaissance man" (performance coach, superb tennis player, writer and consultant are just a few of his many occupations), he generates affection and admiration in all people he works with. As a serious and keen listener, he is able to build a warm and productive dialogue that helps you get to the core issues. I sincerely recommend him as a real peak performer who speaks from experience. Carlos has organized programs and advised my teams in the fields of improving performance and career coaching both at ABN AMRO and at HSBC. His participation has always been successful. He is a clear, open, insightful and interesting coach. I sincerely recommend Carlos. If you are looking for new ways to enhance performance, identify your strengths and map a plan for your team, he is the man."

- Walter Kiceleff, Head of Business Development, Bank Distribution,
Zurich Insurance Group, Zurich, Switzerland

“Thank you again for the excellent workshop

that you delivered in November, it certainly was very useful for us and made a breakthrough in terms of team dynamics."

- Andrew Gwatkin, HM Consul General - British Consulate General - Barcelona, Spain

“Carlos is a wonderful high performance coach

who gets the best out of you by a tailor-made approach. Furthermore, he is able to direct you in the direction that fits best to your profile, character and situation."

- Georgette Boele, ABN AMRO Group Economics, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"Carlos is one authentic thought leader in a world where those words are often overused. Time with him is worth every minute."

 - Brian Hackett, Founder of The Learning Forum, Greenlawn, NY, USA

"Your messages on "Beyond Personal Best" and "Performance Architecture: Excellence through Possibility" were inspiring

and meaningful to all who attended and we are grateful for your participation.  Strong, positive role models for these young men and women have a tremendous impact on their development.  Your messages are certain to remain in the forefront of their thoughts throughout their careers.  Please accept our heartfelt 'Thank You' for making a difference in the lives of the members of the Cadet Wing and the visiting students, faculty and guests, knowing that your messages have made a difference in the lives of our nation's future leaders.

- Major David Higginbotham, Director, National Character and Leadership Symposium, US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO, USA

"Thanks again for your very interesting speech at ETH.

The students feedback I got yesterday was very positive! Your PowerPoint presentation is probably one of the most professional presentations I have ever seen.  Carlos is an excellent communicator and a true subject matter expert. His presentation skills combined with his knowledge and inspiring attitude added a lot of value to our leadership class. The staff and students at our Department evaluated his presentation very positive and the learning effect was high. In addition, it is a pleasure to work with Carlos. He is a trustworthy, innovative and yet down-to-earth person. I can highly recommend Carlos to any Institution that has a need in Peak-Performance training and/or consulting."

- Prof. Stefan Seiler, PhD, Head of HR Switzerland, UBS, Zurich, Switzerland (former Head of Leadership and Communication Studies, Swiss Military Academy ETH University)

"Carlos Salum is a thinker and a visionary, a potent combination. Always considerate of what someone is trying to achieve, Carlos looks for ways to solve problems. Because he has a wide assortment of problem-solving tools, he can be counted on to solve them."

- Ron Jones, President, Ron Jones Productions, Award-winning Hollywood Films and TV Composer, Burbank, CA, USA

"I've worked with Carlos on several projects over the past few years

after having been introduced to him by a mutual friend. In every instance he has been highly responsive, focused, well organized, and extremely efficient. His depth of insight when dealing with complex situations is impressive, as is his knowledge base. Given his energy, professionalism and relentless drive for customer satisfaction, I'd recommend Carlos to any prospective client without reservation."

- Peter Olsen PhD, former Executive Consultant, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA

“I want to thank you for your excellent suggestions

about making Liminal Thinking more interactive and actionable. Your idea to put exercises at the end of each chapter was a great addition. Many readers have commented that it made the book practical, useful and actionable - much more meaningful to them."

- Dave Gray, founder of XPlane and co-founder of Boardthing, management consultant and author, St. Louis, MO, USA

"Carlos is dynamic, detail oriented and an engaging facilitator. His insight and vision are unmatched. He knows how to get individuals and teams in the mindset to become consistent peak performers. I highly recommend Carlos as a performance architect for your team or organization."

- Trudi Lacey, President and CEO, Lacey & Co. - former WNBA Coach (Washington Mystics) - Charlotte, NC, USA

"Carlos Salum has a unique talent for developing high performance business teams. 

Whereas most business leaders tend to think of performance coaching as a one-off affair, usually to be conducted in inspirational formats at management off sites and then promptly to be forgotten once everyone has returned to work, Carlos understands deeply from his long history of success in coaching sports players at the highest international levels that high performance development is a long term affair involving multiple facets of individual and team commitment, training and practice.  Carlos takes serious business performance development to new levels, all the while applying an international sophistication and urbane geniality to the process."

- Lawrence Baxter, William B. McGuire Professor of the Practice of Law and Director of the Global Financial Markets Center at Duke University, Durham, NC, USA

"Carlos is a creative facilitator of projects and events. He impressed me with his enthusiasm, energy and innovative nature. Carlos has made many of the events I attended memorable ones. His work in this respect has become a benchmark for me."

- Donald Waterreus, COO Pictet Wealth Management, Zurich, Switzerland

"I had the pleasure of meeting Carlos in social circles prior to engaging him as a corporate consultant for Bausch & Lomb.

I can say that his expertise in "Performance Architecture" is easily appreciated by a single executive client, like myself; as well as an audience of 100 executives from cross-functional units such as legal, regulatory, commercial, and medical business units. His presentation skills and tools were engaging for executives who attended his symposia, and his magnetic personality had my colleagues 'lining-up" afterwards to shake his hand and thank him for "teaching them something new today". I can honestly say that I have significantly improved my executive skills, represent my business unit, and my company, in a more successful manner because of his executive coaching. I value every opportunity I get to exchange ideas with Carlos, because I learn something new every time. Business clients should utilize Carlos as a "Performance Architect" if they wish to "raise their game" in this highly competitive global economic climate."

- Dr. Samuel Santander, MD, MPH – Eye Surgeon and Senior Executive, Healthcare Industry, Charlotte, NC, USA

"I usually introduce Carlos as the man who is bringing together opposite things and throws them on the table to serve a higher cause. 

Those opposites are his sensitivity, his compassion, his strong feeling, his perfectionism. He does not settle, he's a pain in the butt until something meets his perfectionist's standards, so he can deliver fantastic stuff. He has a very open mind. He's totally reliable and what he delivers meets all needs, both intellectually and emotionally. I recommend Carlos to clients as a "friend of Humanity" who aims to serve its future with a variety of tools. Carlos is a very rare combination of holistic approach, seeing multiple interdependencies and being able to wrap it up into one package that appears as a unity. He realizes this with a humble communicative approach that gives his interlocutors always the sense that he is there to serve them. As his client one is always feeling safe; he delivers and over-delivers everything promised in due cause."

- Philipp Johner, Founder and CEO, Manres AG, Zurich, Switzerland  

"Carlos is an inspirational, creative thinker and true gentleman who creates fabulous settings that foster learning and transformation - an exciting and jazzy experience!"

- Dr. Thomas Gartenmann, Managing Partner, Aergon, Zurich, Switzerland

"Carlos is a professional international consultant

with good culture, very reliable for his international connections.  He is "simpatico."

He is also honest, trustworthy, capable and does not lose his temper. I would give him trust, responsibility and control over a project."

 - Giovanni Vescovo, CEO, Promostudio International Consultants, Venice, Italy

"He is one of the most honest people I know, a warm and most trusworthy man, 

someone who always wants to learn and never stops learning. It is a pleasure working with and learning from him. It is never boring because you always learn something about yourself. Because of his great knowledge, he can always give the best advice, but above all, the human being is first: he does business with and for human beings."

- Michael Strepp, co-Founder and Managing Director, PowerPrinting GmbH, Dusseldorf, Germany

"I met Carlos through an impromptu meeting which turned out to be an incredibly fortunate event. 

We worked together for several months. In that short time, he helped me to focus and prioritize my opportunities as well as uncover my strengths and talents. Carlos asks the right questions. They led me to very solid decisions and a new level of self-awareness. His process is impeccable and thorough. He quickly pinpoints the crux of a personal situation as well as business opportunity. He did not fail to leave me with helpful insights, ideas or questions to ponder. As a result, I am able to focus on what I do best. Carlos helped me to make my transition from corporate America to entrepreneurship seamless.

- Royce Wolfe, Principal Thru Traffic Marketing, LLC, Charlotte, NC, USA

"When it comes to counseling and coaching higher-performers, Carlos Salum is the real thing. 

Academically, he knows his subject matter through and through. He moves easily amid circles of influence and power. He is a master coach of potential achievers. And he personally lives and breathes the counsel he provides others. As you can tell, I like the guy and I like his track record. If he were a stock issue, my advice would be: Buy.  I love it when multiple gifts end up in the same individual, and this is the case with Carlos Salum. I mean, what else can you say when you have someone who is a accomplished tennis pro, writes plays that get produced in London (to favorable reviews), jets back and forth across the Atlantic sometimes several times a month to hobnob with leading lights in the financial and corporate learning communities, is adept enough in IT technologies to have earned a living as one of the industry's senior managers and who is a respected "peak performance" coach to executives and many others? And he does it with such charm, grace and integrity. Every hour you spend with Carlos is a reminder of what being in the company of the accomplished, personable, knowledgeable, authentic professional is supposed to be like."

- Dudley Lynch, Founder and President, Brain Technologies Corporation, Gainesville, FL, USA

"You have been a great friend, business coach, and my personal international strategist. I have been able to evaluate many opportunities through your eyes and successfully have weeded out the winners from the losers. It has been an honor to have you in my life."

- Deborah Aguiar Velez, Former CEO of Sistemas Corporation, Charlotte, NC, USA (1955-2016) 

"I met Carlos through a mutual friend when I was needing a reset after a health scare.

Carlos immediately helped me start envisioning my moon shot and then work out a plan to achieve it. He helped me not only reset, but also figure out a way where I could systematically reach greater focus and therefore achieve a much higher level of productivity while enjoying more rest. I am extremely thankful to Carlos for his guidance and look to continuing my journey with him as my performance coach!"

- Taly Cikurel Brinzey, CEO Summit Properties International LLC, Charlotte, NC, USA

"Carlos Salum has unique skills he shares with passion and a wealth of expertise. 

His Mentorship Program was instrumental in identifying my inner talents and helping me to experience peak performance as a business owner. Our revenue increased immediately and most importantly I have gained the clarity to enjoy a more fulfilled life while being of service to others.

Thank you, Carlos, for being such an amazing and innovative coach for me and others around the globe. Your powerful coaching and seminars contribute to positive change in our world through each life you touch. Please continue your extraordinary works!! It is your Legacy!"

- Geraldine Brisbane, Founder, Brisbane Preparatory Academy, Charlotte, NC, USA

"Carlos has been a tremendous resource in helping me establish a new company.

He’s helped me transition out of a corporate job, helping me break out of my old way of thinking and patterns of behavior, helping me become more aware of my strengths and capabilities and more confident of making a go of it on my own. He’s been tremendous in helping me explore what my new business will stand for, how to talk about it, what it will deliver, and bringing it all together to develop a solid value proposition. Beyond that Carlos has been very creative in thinking about a variety of different marketing initiatives that will help me get established and achieve success as soon as possible. To top it all off he’s helped me get my golf handicap down to single digits. Whether you’re starting your own business or trying to reach the top of your game in your current role, Carlos without a doubt will help you get there."

- Joe Torrez, Performance Improvement and Leadership Effectiveness, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, United Arab Emirates

"Every Sage needs a Sage. Carlos Salum is mine. Carlos has the intellectual horsepower of few people I’ve met professionally. Not only does he immediately grasp the situation or concept I might describe he seems to always be two steps ahead of me. World-class intellect. Robust thinking. Advice you can trust. A gentleman by every standard. I am pleased and grateful to know him. You will be too."

- David Pinkley, Founder, The Career Sage, Charlotte, NC, USA

"I have had the privilege to set up several Peak Performance Workshops that Carlos has facilitated. 

Participants invariably score their experience as superlative but even more significant are the numerous success stories that the participants have eventually shared with me personally. I am very pleased to recommend Carlos as a dynamic contributor of the key insights that are embedded in his Peak Performance Framework. Feedback received also indicates that participants in Carlos' workshop have enjoyed their experience as well. I'm delighted to share that I have personally reaped rewards as a function of Carlos Workshop through: 1) gaining insights relating to my personal endeavors; 2) beneficiary of enhanced credibility with other workshop participants by virtue of the returns they have experienced through my recommendation; 3) participation in new communities of thought as inspired by Carlos' workshops."

- Bob Alexander, PMP, IT Projects and Project Management, Forsythe Solutions, Charlotte, NC, USA