TheSircle: Your International Leadership Round Table

TheSircle is an international gathering for business leaders - a place of equality among the participants, a safe environment for disclosure and engagement where all visions are heard, yet none are favored.  

Membership is by personal invitation and all events are organized by Carlos Salum with international partners. 

  • TheSircle is a place to understand, clarify and simplify; a place to explore strategies and build; a place of integrity and respect, a place for true leaders to find co-creators and collaborators.  
  • TheSircle represents the purpose, the metaphor and the philosophy of the legendary Round Table, where intellectually curious and culturally diverse executives explore ideas and new ventures.
  • TheSircle is built on the European tradition of the Salon, in which thinking and perspectives lead to confluence, collaboration and social progress.  
  • Every session of TheSircle features a specific topic related to Leadership. Carlos Salum designs each experience focusing on exploring practical solutions to the daily concerns of the distinguished business leaders in attendance.

The International Sircle

The International Sircle is an annual gathering of senior executives for a two-day focused exploration of strategic topics that can accelerate the growth of your organization.  Organized with prestigious partners in Italy and Switzerland.


TheSircle Leadership Workshops

Explore and update your Leadership skills.  Join TheSircle Workshops to learn and share with high achievers like you in a challenging and creative environment. Develop your Personal Leadership Blueprint to achieve extraordinary results. 


TheSircle Dinners - Charlotte, NC, USA

TheSircle Dinners gather the most engaged and engaging leaders in Charlotte, NC to explore themes related to Leadership and its core aspects: identity, values, achievement, fulfillment, significance and legacy.