Design Your Leadership Performance Strategy and Excel

I help you design your personal Leadership Strategy by applying what I've learned about breakthrough achievement working with successful business leaders, athletes and artists. 

  • You can lead in the Peak Performance mindset by aligning you knowledge, skills, attitudes and habits with your purpose and values.

  • The integration of these key factors allows you to do the right things, do things better, do better things and do more for others.

My clients are high achievers who constantly seek challenges to enhance their lives.  They don't just want to excel in business: they want fulfillment, a profound sense of meaning and to leave a legacy. 

You become a Peak Performing leader that embraces challenges, designs solutions and creates an inspiring path for others to follow.   

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"A Peak Performing Leader is a flexible, versatile, creative and situational Thinker who gets results"


Professional Services

Corporate Clients

  • Leadership Development

  • Leadership Academy and Online Training

  • Executive Coaching

  • Change Management

  • Team Integration and Motivation

  • Team Performance Strategy

  • Strategy Meeting Facilitation

  • Board Meeting Facilitation

  • Motivational Speaking

Private Clients

  • Leadership Performance Strategy

  • Peak Performance Blueprint

  • Executive Performance Breakthrough

  • Personal Brand Development

  • Leadership Legacy Strategy

  • Executive-in-Transition Advisory

About the Leadership Performance Strategy Process

Private Clients (One-on-One Sessions)

Based on your needs, you can choose from one of these formats:

  1. Transformation Process (20 sessions) - Transform and Consolidate to Lead

  2. Intensive Process (10 sessions) - Convert Strategy into Achievement

  3. Breakthrough Process (5 sessions) - Clarify, Align, Conceptualize

Sessions Include:

  • Private face-to-face meetings, by phone or Skype

  • Leadership Profile and Thinking Patterns Analysis

  • Strategy Development and Breakthrough Thinking Tools

  • Specific Exercises and Development Tasks

  • Selected Readings and Audiovisual Materials

  • Follow-up, Check-ups and Check-in


Your Key Benefit: The 4i-s (4 eyes/4 lens) Perspective

IMAGINE - Doing the right things
Clear Vision, Purpose and Mission
Enhanced Worldview and Leadership Thinking Skills
Alignment of Theories, Values and Beliefs
IMPROVE - Doing things better
Refined Decision-making and Creativity approaches
Expanded Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Styles
On-cue access to your Ideal Performance State
INSPIRE - Doing better things
Increased Resiliency under pressure
Faster Results by resolving Competing Commitments
IGNITE - Doing more for others
Integration of Achievement, Fulfillment, Meaning and Legacy
Design of a path for Continuous Learning and Improvement
Creation of your Leadership Legacy Blueprint

Corporate Clients

Are You Inspiring Your Team to be Fully Engaged?

2014 Towers Watson Global Employee Engagement Study [Click on the Segments]

Engage Your Team to create Enduring Value and Results

"From the employee perspective, the ability to inspire and motivate employees is the most important driver of leadership effectiveness.  Yet slightly more than half (55%) of employees say their leaders inspire them."  [2010 Towers Watson Study]

I have extensive experience in the design and management of corporate keynote presentations and training workshops that support the direction and objectives set by Senior Management.  

I create an employee engagement program that involves all factors required for Peak Performance and engages all participants physically, emotionally and intellectually.  The strategic focus allows you to forecast and measure results overtime, decide on follow-up experiences and assign rewards.

The duration can vary from 4 hours to 3 days and may be on-or-off site.


Design Your Breakthrough

"Working with Carlos has really enabled me to move forward and find the breakthrough, he is a great coach!"

- Isabelle Duston, Founder of Education Technology for Development, Lynchburgh, VA, USA


Discover Your Solutions

“Carlos is a truth-seeker who asks lots of questions to elaborate the appropriate solutions"

- Dr. Hemanth Rao, CEO, The Neurological Institute, United Sleep Medicine, Charlotte, NC, USA

Accelerate Your Results

"Integrity, Intelligence, Commitment and Sense of Urgency are traits Carlos Salum possesses in abundance. In my personal life and professional career I have yet to encounter anyone more dedicated to excellence."

- Steve Sullivan, President, Sullivan Performance Systems, North Haven, CT, USA

"Carlos Salum has changed durably the performance culture of the private banking business towards a peak performance culture. He is a source of inspiration to anyone who has worked with him."

- Didier Duret, Chief Investment Officer Private Clients, ABN AMRO Private Banking – Amsterdam, NL

Lead from the Inspiring Future You Designed

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