Executive Career Transitions

If you are wondering if there’s more to life than your current situation, you probably…

  • realize that you have stopped enjoying what you do. Are you frequently disengaged during your workday?

  • feel anxious about being trapped in a business role that does not help you grow

  • consider leaving "the corporate rat race" and becoming an entrepreneur, a social entrepreneur or a philanthropist

  • feel confused about your future and don't know how to make changes and what to do next

  • want to satisfy your deep hunger to create, to be significant and to contribute more than what you trade for a paycheck.


Analyze New Directions, Options and Alternatives

The best way to design the future is to do it before someone (or some event) does it for you.  Your feelings are data: you must listen to them and analyze "what is" with the assistance of an experienced Strategist.  If you are not growing personally and professionally, it's time to generate a new Vision for yourself that pulls you forward.  By investing time to explore new ideas, directions, options and alternatives, you can design a portfolio of opportunities that can lead to Achievement, Fulfillment and a deep Sense of Meaning. 


Connect with Your Values and True Purpose

I can assist you in the exploration of "what matters most" to you (your Values and True Purpose), using a disciplined approach that allows you to design your Personal Breakthrough Blueprint and make solid decisions about "what to do next and Why."  It doesn't take long and it's a process that enables you to operate from your strongest Identity.  


Professional Sports Career Transitions

Design the Most Productive Chapter of Your Life

As a Professional Athlete, you understand Peak Performance and Resilience.  You've invested the time, effort and resources to get results.  You have crafted a life story that can inspire thousands of other people.  You know the difference between desire and execution, between hoping to succeed and conquering big challenges.

Now it's the time to think ahead and envision your new lifestyle.  Now it's the time to design your future.  Your Strategic Plan will launch the most productive chapter of your life with new levels of success and contribution.


Transform Your Record into a Powerful Legacy

Beyond wins and losses, your sports record represents "what you've become."  Rather than focusing on the past, you can now focus on creating a powerful, inspiring Legacy.  Your worldview, experiences, achievements and future aspirations can become an exciting path for others to follow.  For you, they can also represent new ways of earning, relevance and recognition - as well as social impact and empowering contributions.  

I invite you to explore together the creation of your Personal Blueprint for a successful career transition and exponential results.