Keynote Speaking 

Notable Keynote Presentations:

  • The Nobels Colloquia (Venice, Italy)

  • UBS Wealth Management (Lake Thun, Switzerland)

  • Julius Baer Bank (Interlaken, Switzerland)

  • ABN AMRO Private Banking (at FIFA HQ, Zurich, Switzerland)

  • KUONI International Management Conference (Paris, France)

  • U.S. Air Force Academy (Colorado Springs, CO)

  • Swiss Military Leadership Academy at ETH (Zurich, Switzerland)

  • ALSTOM Power (Zurich, Switzerland)

  • Bausch & Lomb (Rochester, NY)

I engage audiences with motivational, thought-provoking, instructional and transformational topics related to Leadership, Peak Performance, Creative Thinking, Change Management, Team Effectiveness and Creating a Legacy.
I'm invited to give keynote presentations and conduct interactive talks at organizations in North America, Europe and Latin America.

The duration varies from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the occasion, audience, interactivity and use of A/V technology.

Titles of Keynote Presentations

"Inside the Winners Circle: Lessons from Peak Performers in Sports"
Key factors of sports achievement applied to leading in business and self-leadership

"Performance Architecture: How to create your team's Peak Performance Strategy"
Align Focus, Energy and Breakthrough thinking skills to lead your organization to Exponential Growth


"Breakthrough: How to go Beyond Personal Best"
Design your Leadership Strategy for delivering New Value and achieving outstanding results

“Leading by Identity and Leaving a Legacy”
Develop the Values-based approach to create an inspiring Legacy that inspires others to follow you.

Training Courses and Workshops

Notable Courses and Workshops

  • Julius Baer Bank World Regions' Strategy (Switzerland)

  • Julius Baer Bank Integration Process with Merryl Lynch (Uruguay)

  • ABN AMRO Private Banking Leadership Training (Switzerland)

  • Istituto Adriano Olivetti and Confindustria Marche (Italy)

  • CTC International Management Training Center (Italy)

  • The New York Knicks Organization (USA)

  • Bausch & Lomb (USA)

I focus on teaching leaders and their teams about Peak Performance, High Performance Teamwork, Breakthrough Thinking skills and how they connect with the resonance of their Brand.  

My role is to define the knowledge, skills, attitudes and habits required to become a Peak Performer as well as guiding executives in the design of their Peak Performance Blueprint to create new value and increase revenues.  

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LEADERSHIP - "Peak Performance and Leadership Workshop"

  • Description: Effective approaches on how to optimize the relationship between Peak Performance and Leadership.

  • Objective: To provide an effective blueprint that guides leaders to manage their own performance and lead their teams to extraordinary results.

  • Duration: From 4 hours to 2 days

barnafam 073.jpg

 TEAMWORK - "Beyond Personal Best: Peak Performance Blueprint Design for Teams"

  • Description: A systematic approach to designing the team's Peak Performance Blueprint to align knowledge, skills, attitudes and habits that yield Breakthrough results.

  • Objective: Creation of a Peak Performance Blueprint to support strategic objectives and operate in the Ideal Performance State (embracing challenges, designing solutions and managing energy rather than time).

  • Duration: From 1 to 2 days


 CREATIVITY - "Breakthrough Power: Creative Thinking Skills for Managers"

  • Description: Fundamental strategies and tools to enhance Creative Thinking skills that lead to Breakthrough solutions and results.

  • Objective: To provide the critical thinking tools to generate new ideas, concepts and value on-demand. A team of creative thinkers can communicate, cooperate, commit and co-create better to find New Value and increase revenues.

  • Duration: From 4 hours to 2 days


 BRANDING - "Brand Resonance: Who We Are, What We do Best and Why it Matters"

  • Description: Brand Strategy Development - an in-depth analysis of your Corporate Brand and Culture to discover your uniqueness, your positioning and your pathway to employee and customer loyalty.

  • Objective: To co-create the Brand Strategy documents that will guide your company to new opportunities to gain recognition and market share.

  • Duration: From 1 to 3 days



"Carlos has a strong, engaging presence...

... someone you want to know better the minute you are in his presence. He cares more about giving than getting and because of his great attribute of humbleness; you want to engage with him even more. He is entrepreneurial in his business and YOU are a better person for knowing him."

- Missy Weld, Owner, Speakers Network Worldwide, Charlotte, NC, USA

"Carlos Salum was the keynote speaker at a leadership academy

I attended in 2005.  He did a great job in focusing the audience towards performance management and getting the right attitude for being proactive. I enjoyed the session a lot and got some good examples of how people can manage their emotional conditions." 

- Alexander Fahrnholz, Managing Partner, KPS Business Transformation (former Senior VP, Information Management Group), Regensburg, Germany

"I experienced Carlos as a very professional Keynote Speaker 

during a Top Management Development Seminar. The topic was Peak Performance and the whole group appreciated his speech and the tools Carlos introduced."

- Alexander Brochier, Managing Partner, Sommersault Consulting (former Chief Human Resources, Kuoni Travel Holdings), Zurich, Switzerland

"Over the past 15 years I have witnessed Carlos act as a change agent... 

on both organizational and personal levels. His approach in establishing collaborative teams, his big-picture perspective and his creativity in leading groups toward reaching their own answers to their respective challenges deliver tangible results. Carlos' unquestionable commitment to his clients is rare and is one of the many qualities that set him apart from others in his field - nothing about his events is pre-packaged."

- Maria Ines Castro, Founder, 3-sixty Communications, Miami, FL, USA

"On November of 2000 at Interlaken, Carlos was able to deliver one of the most memorable events in the history of ABN AMRO Private Banking."

- Armand Kersten, Group Legal Director at Horus Europe Holdings Limited (former Head of Global Compliance - ABN AMRO Private Banking), Rotterdam, NL

"Carlos provided me great affirmation of my innate talents

and helped me find the language to express them in a way that the marketplace would recognize and value. More importantly, he helped connect me with my source of courage and confidence and provided me with several meaningful introductions that prepared me to go out on my own. He is also powerful and inspiring convener of many stimulating roundtable discussions. Every time I attend one of his events, I meet fascinating people and leave thinking in new and exciting ways."

- Chris McLeod, JD, President, Giving Matters, Inc., Charlotte, NC, USA

"Carlos is a great guy, very empathetic. 

He knows what he is talking about and is a living example for what he stands for. It's learning by doing!   Passion is Carlos' driver. A passion to deliver results. Performance is one, but Carlos takes you to the next level: Peak Performance. Which is a state of mind and body. It's this combination which brings you to perform your personal best."

- Andre Smits, Managing Director, Head Wealth Management Benelux at Deutsche Bank, Amsterdam, NL

"I met Carlos through an ABN AMRO Colleague as he is known for successful seminars

which he's been organizing for ABN AMRO Bank. In June 2007, the Young Bankers Association realized a High Performance Seminar and hired Carlos Salum for these two days. It was simply the best and most efficient seminar in regards of thinking out of the box, getting creative and powerful after fully booked two days.  He gave us a kick of motivation and all participants left the seminar with a huge smile and satisfaction. He made us realize how complex we think in our daily business, whereas easy and simple we could keep it by looking at things from a different perspective and being more successful. He had such a good impression on the young bankers, as he acts like a colleague, a friend, sometimes like a mentor, a coach... Meeting, experiencing and listening to him during his seminar was for me a huge added-value. I like the way he teaches, the very simple comparisons and stories, which you can remember your whole life long..."

- Derya Kara, Business Development Manager, Wellington Management Switzerland, Zurich, Switzerland