Design Your Breakthrough Online and Grow

Imagine - Improve - Inspire - Ignite... Your Breakthrough Blueprint in four clear steps


Breakthrough is an intentional design

You must first find out "what matters most" to you (your Values and True Purpose) through introspection and a systematic approach.

Note from Carlos Salum - Leadership Performance Strategist

You should consider taking this Online Workshop if you are at a crossroads and need to analyze your current situation, envision what alternatives and opportunities lie ahead (or lie dormant, or hidden), and you want to design a Breakthrough Blueprint that allows you to have a new perspective on your life and career. The Online format is convenient, proven effective with senior international leaders over three decades, and a solid introduction to personal advisory sessions if you choose to do so.

Your Growth as an Executive Never Stops

  • You frequently wonder about What to do Next to make a Bigger Impact

  • You seek to gain Influence and deliver Results to stay relevant and competitive

  • You need to manage the many Pressures and Challenges you face daily

  • You need to invest in Thinking Strategies to remain focused and highly effective

Why You Should Take this Online Workshop

  • You can define new Strategy and a Blueprint for new achievements in 30 Days

  • The process is practical, precise and systematic and involves just 4 Key Steps

  • You can complete the process at your own pace and in a systematic way

  • You can choose to engage Carlos Salum as your Strategy Advisory (optional)

  • The price is a fraction of the Professional Fee for private sessions


About The Breakthrough Blueprint Process


Enduring Achievement requires a plan

Peak Performers learn to align their knowledge, skills, attitudes and habits to produce consistent results on demand, under pressure.

How You Get To Breakthrough - and Beyond

  1. Focus on your Aspirations: Define your “Moonshot”

  2. Understand what Values drive you to engage and succeed

  3. Align your Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes and Habits with your Aspirations

  4. Design Your Blueprint for Breakthrough through Four Key Steps

  5. Define how you will stay on-track and replicate your achievements

  6. Get assistance from a Strategist with three decades of Results

The Online Workshop Curriculum

Carlos Salum.png

Learn for life, live to learn

The Growth Mindset feeds on curiosity, exploration, seeking alternatives and new paths. Nothing is a set quantity, everything is an opportunity to learn something new.

CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO download your free breakthrough design exploration chart (PDF)

CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO download your free breakthrough design exploration chart (PDF)

The Four Key Steps to Your Breakthrough

IMAGINE - Lead with Your Vision and Values

  1. Define What You Want to Achieve and Why

  2. Evaluate the Impact of Your Past and Future Achievement

  3. Align Your Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives

  4. Design Your Breakthrough Blueprint

IMPROVE - Reconfigure, Learn, Adapt and Achieve

  1. Define your Ideal Performance State and live in it

  2. Understand your Performance Roadblocks

  3. Adopt a Mental Toughness Training Plan

  4. Develop Peak Performance Rituals and Habits

INSPIRE - Influence Positive Change

  1. Clarify the Essence of Your Breakthrough Idea

  2. Define what Values you Manifest in your Message

  3. Understand the Values of your Audience(s)

  4. Learn Powerful Approaches to Influence Others

IGNITE - Expand the Impact of Your Breakthrough Vision

  1. Design the Platform to Spread Your Influence

  2. Plan the Steps for Enduring Achievement and Leadership

  3. Recruit the right Collaborators to realize and expand your Vision

  4. Monitor your Lifetime Progress and Achievements

What Benefits and Outcomes You Can Expect

  • Strategic Clarity, New Ideas and Opportunities

  • Alternatives, Options, Innovative Approaches

  • Tactical Leaps for Career or Business Reinvention

  • A variety of New Revenue Streams to pursue

  • Strategic spin-offs that can multiply your gains

  • Full Understanding of Your Purpose and Direction

Your Online Breakthrough Workshop Includes:

  • A step-by-step approach divided in 4 Key Areas

  • A combination of Core Questions and Written Tasks

  • A selection of Videos and Reading Resources

  • Suggestions to conduct real-life Exploratory Challenges

  • Downloadable Assignments & Worksheets

  • E-mail support throughout the Workshop

  • Optional: a 60-minute Skype/FaceTime consultation (Special Fee: USD 350.-)

  • Optional: Five (5) Strategic Advisory Session Plan [Contact Carlos Salum]