Living Your Highest Goal

What is Your Highest Goal?  Why does it matter? Who benefits from it besides you?  

Here's a valuable exercise for you to find out.  Here's what to do...

  1. Read the excerpt of "The Highest Goal" by Michael Ray (Stanford University) [Read]
  2. Go through the exercise suggested in "The Highest Goal" article and then answer these Questions:

On Your Worldview:

  • What is the question that defines who I am?  
  • What is my motivation to do what I do and for whom?  
  • In which ways do I create a path for others to grow and prosper?

On Your Purpose:

  • How am I indispensable to the world?  
  • How does my life story end and how will others say I've contributed?  
  • What's the phrase I want everyone to hear and share?

On Your Vision:

  • Whom do I inspire and why?  
  • What do I want them to do with me and why?  
  • What is my rallying cry?  
  • Who's following, who doesn't and why?  
  • What's enough and why?

On Your Impact:

  • How do I know that what I do matters to others?  
  • What specific feedback keeps me on-track and on-mission?  
  • What do I need to do more of - and less of?  
  • In which ways can I magnify my contributions?  
  • If my "doing" ever stops, what would remain?

Find more inspiration by reading "The Tao of Richard Saul Wurman" [Read]  - Richard Saul Wurman is the founder of the legendary TED, TEDMED and WWW Conferences, and an example of someone living The Highest Goal.  

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To understand how you can align the answers to these Questions into a Leadership Performance Strategy, or a way to design your Legacy, or to facilitate a Career Transition, contact Carlos Salum.