Custom Online Courses

We have a Strategic Partnership with Rallyware, a successful IT company based in San Francisco, CA.  Rallyware empowers its customers across the globe, such as Samsung, Mary Kay, and many others, to coach, train, and motivate their people through personalized scalable engagement programs that achieve higher sales, faster employee onboarding, increased participation in corporate initiatives, and other business objectives. Experience Rallyware by requesting a Demo from a key member of their team. 

I can help you continue to grow your Leadership skills through Rallyware for TheSircle - an online course developed with specific modules that help you refine your Leadership Performance Strategy. I can also train your team and your entire organization with a custom-designed online program based on your specific needs and relying on the exceptional tools on the Rallyware platform.

Course Methodology

Companies worldwide face the challenge of onboarding, training, and continuously engaging their workforce. In the recent years, workforce engagement has become the biggest competitive differentiator in business. Rallyware's groundbreaking mobile and web platform drives online and offline activities by creating a game-like social user experience. As a result, our online course methodology is based on micro-tasking, gamification, rewards and peer support and mentorship.   Get in touch to discuss your training needs and those of your team.


Focus on Your Vision

"After being told to sit down and be quiet my entire life, Carlos helped me realize my voice.  His compassionate use of structured dialogue led me to understand the depth of my art, to reveal my story and to focus on a vision of my future endeavors."

- Betsy Birkner, Artist, Betsy Birkner Studio, Charlotte, NC, USA

Get to 300% Achievement

"Carlos Salum has developed his Peak Performance Architecture to help business professionals move from wishful thinking to 300% achievement, and I am reaping those benefits already. He thinks with enormous creativity, is calm and insightful, and delivers everything he promises."

- Lisa Lee Morgan, Entrepreneur, Charlotte, NC, USA

Find Powerful Epiphanies

"If you need to understand how to manage your energy and to retool in order to accelerate on target outcomes and have the best results, either professionally or personally, Carlos has to be the catalyst for you!  I have had the most powerful EPIPHANIES thanks to his unique dynamics and deeply insightful techniques during our personal and organizational leadership development engagements!"

- Astrid Chirinos, President, Latin American Economic Development Corporation of Charlotte, NC, USA